Spring Show Schedule

The Schedule for the Spring Show 2022 is below;  please enter using our show entries page or by post to: Sheena Page, 7 Shuteleigh, Wellington, Somerset TA21 8PG.

Potted Flowers / Plants...... ( scroll down for Cut Flowers/ Shrubs)

1  One pot large single daffodil bulbs, one variety

2  One pot large double daffodil bulbs, one variety

3  One pot multi headed daffodil bulbs, one variety

4  One pot minature daffodils bulbs, one variety

5  One pot hyacinths, one colour

6  One hyacinth (can be grown in water)

7 One pot primula or polyanthus

8 One pot tulips-one variety

9 One pot any other bulb

10 One orchid

11 One flowering plant

12  One foliage plant

13 One bonsai

Please name varieties, if possible. 

 Cut Flowers/ Shrubs

15 One vase trumpet daffodils, 3 stems one variety, one colour

16 One vase trumpet daffodils, 3 stems, one variety, bi colour

17 One vase large cup daffodils, 3 stems, one variety

18 One vase, small cup daffodils, 3 stems one variety

19 One vase double daffodils, 3 stems, one variety

20 One vase any other single headed daffodil, 3 stems, one variety

21 One vase multi headed daffodils, 3 stems, one variety

22 Single specimen daffodil, large trumpet

23 Single specimen, daffodil,  large cup

24 Single specimen daffodil, small cup

25 Single specimen daffodil, multi headed

26 Single specimen daffodil, double

27 Single specimen daffodil, any other single headed

28 One vase mixed daffodils, 6 stems at least 3 varieties

 Please name varieties, if possible 


31  One stem Camellia

32 Camellia heads floating in water - 5

33 One vase any other flowering shrub, one type

34  One vase flowering shrub, mixed

35 One vase flowering shrub(s), to be judged for scent

36 One vase spring flowers, one type

37  One vase spring flowers, mixed

38  Hellebore heads floating in water, one variety - 5

39  Hellebore heads floating in water, three or more varieties - 5



Information provided below provides guidance as to the different daffodil formats referred to in the schedule.