Rules and regulations


Rules and Regulations


1. The show will be guided by the recommendations contained in the Royal Horticultural society`s Handbook, a copy of which is held by the Secretary

2. Entries are submitted either to the secretary or to the Wellington Library no later than MIDDAY on the Wednesday of show week. Entries submitted to the Library should be in an envelope. Late entries will not be accepted.

3.Not more than one entry may be made in any class, except the children's classes, where two entries may be made. Only one prize will be awarded.

4.The committe reserves the right to limit the entries in any class(es)

5.Exhibits can be staged on the Friday the evening before the show, from 5.30pm until 10.00pm and on the show day from 7.00am to 9.30am. Exhibitors, except officers of the society and officials,must leave the hall at 9.30am for judging to begin at 10.00am.

6. Tabling will be provided  for staging. Exhibitors must provide all dishes,vases and other equipment necessary for staging their exhibits.

7.Cards for all entries will be available from the Show Secretary at the time of staging. Exhibitors will be responsible for ensuring they are correct and for placing them beside their exhibits prior to judging.

8. Exhibitors may remove exhibits only at the end of the show.

9.Exhibitors shall exhibit only specimens of their own cultivation,growing or handiwork,except in the floral art class where bought flowers may be used. Any infringement of this rule may disqualify the exhibitor.

10. If any dispute or objection arises, other than on judging,protests must be made in writing and lodged with the show secretary together with a fee of £1 for each protest,not later than 4pm on the day of the show. The matter will be dealt with by the committee and their decision shall be final, if the protest is upheld ,the fee will be returned.

11. In matters of judging ,the judges decision shall be final.

12. The committee shall take care of all exhibits but will not be held responsible for any loss  or damage.

13. The committee may inspect the gardens  of exhibitors before the show and reserves the right to accept or refuse an entry.

14. In deciding the winners of points and cups, a first prize shall count  as 3 points, second as 2 points  and third as 1 point. Should more than one exhibitor secure the same number of points, the cups or other prizes shall be awarded to the exhibitor securing the highest number of first prizes.

15. Special awards and trophies shall be held for one year

These should be returned in good order to the Secretary , 7 Shuteleigh two weeks before the show.

17. Entry forms  not later than Wednesday 24th August (midday) to:

Mrs Sheena Page 7 Shuteleigh Wellington TA21 8PG or Wellington Library TA21 8PG


You can also enter online at: entry monies to be paid when staging.

Any queries to Sheena Page

email [email protected]  01823 662366